It might sound a little strange, but did you know that using your car’s air con system during the winter months is a good thing? Yep, as the cold days are fast approaching many of us might switch off our air con for the last time for a while in our cars very soon, if we haven’t already, but there are many benefits to using your car’s air con during the next few months.

The main benefit of using it is that it can actually prolong the life of your vehicle as well as prevent numerous issues from occurring once the warm weather returns. The parts that make up the air con system of a car are parts that are meant to move – they aren’t designed to stay still for long periods of time. Refrigerant and oils are used to operate the moving parts of the system by keeping them lubricated, staying still for a long time means this lubricate cannot reach the parts it needs to and therefore repair bills can occur. To avoid this, simply run your air con on cold for around 10 minutes every couple of weeks over the winter months.

The air con system in a car also works to reduce moisture from the air, which means your windscreen will be clear of the steam and frost we encounter most days during winter. It also prevents mould and bacteria from building up in the air vents as it dries out the air.

So, you’re likely sat there thinking about how cold you will be if you switch on your air con during the winter… but don’t worry. Thankfully, you can use your air con and your car’s heating system simultaneously. Running your air con will allow the parts to lubricate and move around to prevent future issues and repair bills, whilst also drying out the air in your car, and the heating will make sure you are comfortable whilst your air con is doing its bit to prolong the lifespan of your car!

You should always ensure you are maintaining your air con systems properly, whether these be in your car, your home, or your business premises. Looking after these systems can prevent future breakdowns and hefty repair bills; if you need some professional help or maintenance, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.