Christmas is almost here, and the cold weather is definitely setting in. So, like many others you’ve likely turned off your air conditioning system with the thoughts of not needing it until at least next Spring, well we’re here to tell you why running your air con during the winter months is important!

There are two main reasons as to why you should run your air con system during the winter months; because it keeps it in good condition ready for the coming years use, and because it easily provides a comfortable environment, whether this be at work or home.

Here in the UK, a lot of us spend most of our working lives indoors, whether this be offices, shops, warehouses, etc., it’s therefore important that we are provided good air quality during our working hours. Air pollution can happen just as much indoors as it can outdoors – think of chemicals, germs, dust… yep, all these can lead to indoor air pollution, which you are likely breathing in. Pollutants thrive during the colder months as the air quality is generally poorer than it is during the summer months. This is due to much higher levels of humidity, and keeping this air locked inside will surely see it turn stagnant.

Though we can’t really avoid pollutants, we can control them with an efficient air conditioning system. When installed and maintained by professionals, these systems can provide clean air for employees in the workplace, meaning a healthier workforce and less sick days!

Filtration systems in air con units don’t just provide benefits in summer, they do all throughout winter too, as they work to clear the air of pollutants and improve the health of those breathing it in.

If you’d like to discuss your air con, or are in need of some service and maintenance, then get in touch with us today. Our professional engineers are highly experienced in the field, and we will be happy to assist you.