Ammonia has always been a natural refrigerant for us to use here at EJM, both for industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration. Ammonia is zero rated for both Ozone Depletion Potential and Global Warming potential (GWP). Due to the imposed limits for Fluorinated Gases (F-Gas), Ammonia is becoming increasingly popular and is an efficient refrigeration used in food processing and preservation, as well as in many other various refrigeration and air-conditioning processes and systems. Multi-zone factory projects have been completed by us using ammonia throughout the chilled and frozen areas as well as primary cooling / freezing using pumped ammonia, with secondary cooling to chill and preparation areas using pumped secondary refrigerants such as glycol.

The desirable characteristics ammonia possesses as a refrigerant have been known for well over a century now, and as it is so energy efficient, it’s likely the best chemical to use in our modern day world. Ammonia is a renewable source too and more people are now realising that it’s a highly effective green alternative fuel.

So, you might be wondering, why is ammonia so good for industrial and commercial refrigeration? Well… This is because of its chemical breakdown – and without going completely in-depth as far as the chemistry is concerned, ammonia is able to absorb a really substantial amount of heat from all of its surroundings. This means as a gas it is ideal for cooling areas very rapidly and bringing the temperature to the required level via a controlled environment, such as a refrigeration plant. Here at EJM, we use pumps to push liquid ammonia around the system through a series of coils that evaporate and make the ammonia a gas and help it absorb the heat, then it is returned back to condenser coils where it turns back to liquid and loses the heat using condenser fans.

Of course, ammonia can be dangerous if used incorrectly or not properly controlled. But remember – it actually is found in the natural environment; ammonia is present in the soil, the air, and water. It is even present in us humans – in fact, ammonia and its ions are a vital part of the human metabolic system and play an important part in human health. It is only when there are very large doses and a high concentration of the gas is in the air that problems may occur. However, in our industry, we have very strict safety standards, and any issues with ammonia are kept to an absolute minimum; it remains one of the safest gases to use for refrigeration purposes.

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