This year we are delighted to say there is the very first World Refrigeration Day! The event itself is on the 26th June – marketed as ‘the coolest day of the year’, but there are other events leading up to it beforehand (and events following it).

These include an event on the 23rd June – International Women in Engineering Day, which highlights the vital role women play in designing, developing and manufacturing in all engineering sectors, including refrigeration.

So please read on and discover more about this inaugural event and how you can become involved – even if you or your company is not a client of ours – there really is something for everyone and all ages including children.

What is the day all about?

We could just say refrigeration, but that would be a very short answer and not entirely true! The day is so much more than that. The main aim is to raise awareness and consider the work that goes into producing systems that many take for granted.

There are so many industries such as medical, food supply, farming and more that benefit from the systems us and other builds, yet it often goes unrecognised. This is the chance for people (and not just businesses) to learn more. It includes all the aspects of cooling technologies such as refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps in modern life, both industrially and commercially.

What is happening on the day?

The actual day, 26th June, there are a number of events taking place globally. These include live streaming on Facebook from the UK’s Institute of Refrigeration, where viewers can learn all about the world of keeping cool! The events aim to appeal to all ages, even children as they are tomorrows engineers and can take the concepts of cooling even further. There will be competitions and education for all levels.

It is hoped that from this first event there will be a World Refrigeration Day every year, bringing the newest developments in the industry, so joining in can help make it a success and keep on track for another next year!

How can it be interesting for children?

Refrigeration, air conditioning and other cooling systems can be a dry subject – let’s face it, we get excited because we are in the industry, but how do you deliver it to a younger generation? As most things aimed at children, to keep them curious and interested, it’s made fun!

Getting back to basics, there is so much science behind keeping things cool. To tie in with the event and what is now part of the UK National Curriculum is a new website as part of the Institute of Refrigeration called Cooling Science. The live launch of this website along with information on careers in refrigeration engineering will be on the day.

Is it really worldwide?

So many times, world day this, and international that, end up as a flop – but this event is different! There are indeed events around the world that like us in the UK, will highlight the refrigeration engineering sector to a whole new community. There are lectures, conferences and events involving professionals (engineers, designers etc.), scientists, experts in the field and politicians -all with the same aim, to make the day a success.

Countries involved other than the UK include Spain, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Italy and the USA. So, it really is international – who knew the industry was so big (we did of course, but you might not have!)

We are a client; can we get involved?

Absolutely! If you are on social media, thanks to technology it’s really simple. Just take some photos of your installation, plant room or cooling system and post a photo of it online – Twitter for example or Facebook. Use the hashtag #wrefd19 and everyone involved can search and see the photos. What is great is that you can add a line or two about your business – as long as it mentions the cooling installation and others will see it.

It makes a great bit of publicity for your business along with joining in with a great event. You might find another local business is looking at the feed and uses your services as a result – you really don’t know. If there are enough uploads to the hashtag it can even start trending on Twitter – excuse the pun, but how cool would that be?!

That’s what is happening on the 26th of June, and we really hope the event is a success. We work really hard to ensure your installations are the very best they can be for your budget, so having a day to celebrate the industry is wonderful. If you are not a customer and it inspires you to find out more, our friendly team is happy to answer any of your questions.