Over the last few blogs we have been looking at different types of cooling systems and where they are used to the best efficiency. For this blog, we’ll take a look at another type of cooling, that might benefit your project – ambient air cooling. We’ll look at how it works, the best uses and hopefully answer some of your questions about this system. As always if there is some extra information you need that is not covered in this (or any) blog, then please get in touch. Our team will be able to answer your questions and fill in the blanks! Now onto this subject, ambient air cooling…

What is meant by ambient?

The definition of ambience is relating to anything that surrounds an object, so in this case, ambient temperature is a temperature surrounding any area or object, for example, a refrigeration installation. It is a way of naturally cooling an area such as a building and reducing the heat inside. Because this way of using the ambient temperature uses external factors such as the current temperature of the air outside, it can be referred to as free cooling – as we know everything in life isn’t free, but once the equipment is in place, it does pay for itself eventually!

How does it work?

The general principle behind ambient air cooling is by bringing the outside air into the place that needs cooling. That also means taking their warm air that is inside and putting it outside. This is a bit of a heat exchange. This can be achieved by a proper heat exchange piece of equipment or by the use of specialist filters. As usual, either way, and any of our installations will be discussed properly first with you, our customers are always our number one priority!

Where can it be used?

There are several factors to take into account with the use of ambient air cooling and these are all thoroughly researched before any installation is started – we will not start the installation if we think that it is inappropriate to have the most efficient system in place. Uses for ambient air cooling are popular and can be used in many scenarios including computer centres that need a constant flow of cool air.

Are there important factors?

There are a number of things needed to be taken into consideration, the main one being if there is enough airflow around the place that you want to cool. That means location is critical as if there is no airflow or the area around the installation is to warm, the system will be inefficient and savings on temperature control will be impossible. If the area around the installation is cold such as parts of Scotland, it makes the projects even more viable!

Are there different types?

Yes, there are, there are generally two types of ambient air cooling. The first uses just air from outside which is filtered and exchanged with the warm air inside. The second type uses the same scenario, but with the added technology of water evaporation, to make the air cooler. This can help if the outside temperature is not constantly cold enough.

Can it save money?

Yes, it can once the technology has been installed, over a period of time the project can start paying for itself with the use of ambient air. Again this is dependent on location and other factors such as how elevated the area is in relation to prevailing air currents. We will help by investigating if this type of installation would suit your business. Our engineers can do a thorough survey of the area you wish to cool and will report on it.

What do we do next?

The best thing to do is to chat with us! We can discuss your requirements for your installation and work out whether ambient air cooling is the best system for your project. We pride ourselves on always giving the best value for money and we would never recommend a system if we didn’t think it was the type to suit your needs. By giving our team a call, we can set the ball rolling on having your project assessed and will be able to give you a very competitive quotation.

So ambient air cooling is not only cost effective after initial investment, it also can help on different projects you may have. The added bonus is that it can also be classed as environmentally friendly as the energy savings it can raise, all go to help the environment.

If you want to know more or can see where the system could possibly fit in your business or industry, please get in touch. Our engineers can assess the suitability of ambient air-cooling systems for your industry and advise you on them. As always, we won’t try and sell you something which is not appropriate for your business and needs. We would much rather discuss alternatives if that is the case – so for all of your cooling requirements, give us a call. Our friendly team will be happy to chat to you.