The future of air conditioning looks to be one of substantial growth and high demand. Not only is our UK weather becoming increasingly warmer, but the implications and after-effects of the past 2 years are expected to contribute to the demand for air conditioning in more properties, as many companies and individuals have moved to remote-working on a permanent basis.

COVID19 drove many of us to home-working over the past couple of years, and many companies have recognised they can still obtain the required levels of productivity but save money on rent and utilities by keeping their staff working remotely. Many businesses have now changed to permanent remote-working and therefore lots more of us are spending a lot more time in our houses, so comes the requirement for effective temperature control and efficient ventilation. More and more people are now creating home offices or workspaces and investing money in their comfort within these spaces, this is expected to be a significant contributor to the increase in demand for air conditioning in residential properties.

There is also expected to be an increase in commercial air conditioning as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic, as the consequences of poor ventilation become more apparent – i.e. the increased risk of spreading infection. Employee health and wellness continues to be a hot topic amongst businesses since the start of COVID19 and a study of workers showed that a staggering 70% believed poor workplace ventilation had a negative impact on their health and productivity.

We are all well aware that our summers – and weather in general – is becoming warmer as a result of climate change. Imagine being on holiday in a hot country and there being no air conditioning unit in your room? You likely would not be happy! Well, our temperatures are increasing and we could soon be facing heat in our houses that makes us uncomfortable and affects our everyday lives. More and more people throughout Europe are already purchasing and installing air conditioning units into their homes to make life more comfortable; this demand is expected to continue into the future as the temperature only looks set to increase.

As you can see, there are various factors that are expected to contribute to the increase in the air conditioning market of the future. If you need air conditioning installing in your home or workplace, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our expert team will be happy to guide you in the right direction and identify your specific needs.