You may have noticed our website carries several badges of accreditation (if you haven’t please take a look). It is easy for unscrupulous companies of any industry to grab an icon from Google and pop it on their website, letter headed paper or business card. That’s definitely not our style – we are incredibly proud of our accreditations and they demonstrate we, as a company, take our industry sector very seriously.

Of course, this transfers to our clients, they can rest assured they are dealing with some of the best professionals in their field. But what do our accreditations actually mean? This blog looks into them closely and how they can benefit our clients.

ISO Accreditation.

This is a big one! To give it its proper name ISO9001:2015 is an international standard that we as a company have achieved. The ISO standard started in 1987

(7 years after we started trading!) It is periodically updated, and the last and most current update was in 2015 – hence the name.

In a nutshell, the standard means we consistently provide service and products that meet strict regulations and customer expectations. It covers a vast amount of sections, everything from the responsibility of our staff, management and leadership, to providing and delivering the services we advertise. It ensures we are responsible for every team member and that they are completing their role to the best of their ability.


In the media, you may have heard of OFCOM which is the United Kingdom’s communications regulatory body looking after the communication sector, including complaints. We have our own – REFCOM is one body for our industry. It means we are registered on the UK’s largest register for F-Gas engineers. F-Gas is a shortened version of Fluorinated Gas – commonly known as Greenhouse Gas.

The body ensures we meet strict criteria when dealing with these gases, ensuring a good control and prevention of the release of these gases into the environment and atmosphere. At EJM we understand the importance of responsible refrigerant management and the impact it can have on the environment. This is why we a pleased to be members of REFCOM.

Safe Contractor.

Our clients want to be reassured that everything we do falls into being the safest practice possible. This means their staff will be made aware of risks while we install a project, and they fully understand we are taking their health and safety seriously. This is what the Safe Contractor scheme does – as an accredited organisation, they oversee us to make sure our sites meet full and strict health and safety requirements. We are not alone – over 28,000 other members are accredited on the Safe Contractor scheme, such is its importance.


All our engineers and many staff need to keep their skills up to date, to provide the best service to you and ensure your safety while we are on site, doing an installation, and afterwards as well. One of the many services we are signed up to is NEBOSH – which stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health.

This means our professionals are fully trained and qualified at all levels in safety in the workplace (the workplace also being our client’s premises). We know that safety is paramount and that accidents can have a massive impact on all those involved, which is why we have such stringent measures in place, such as NEBOSH.

What do all these accreditations mean for our clients?

It’s very easy to think so what? The accreditations are good for us, our ego and vanity, but that is not further from the truth. They mean we can serve our clients much better with the reassurance that the installations we complete are of the highest quality and workmanship.

They also mean that everything we do is of the highest safety level – and both your staff and ours have risks minimised. Because we are part of several bodies such as this, clients can feel reassured that we know our stuff and keep up to date with it – aka we are not cowboys! We have also been in business for almost 40 years, so that also shows our commitment to quality and safety.

Accreditations for a company at this level are not easy – to achieve them takes dedication, putting measures into place, and passing the most stringent and specific requirements. Only by for filling these regulations can we be recognised as accredited.

Through experience we know they are vital to the industry and the wellbeing of everyone – both in safety and financial terms. Displaying them on our website is not to fill up space, but to demonstrate to clients and potential clients our commitment and how proud we are to have reached the levels required. If you want to find out more or want to discuss your project, please call our friendly team today.