The snow has all melted and the sun is slowly starting to make a small appearance! This can mean only one thing – Spring is finally on the way!

You’ve likely had your air conditioning equipment switched off for a good few months now, but (thankfully) it’s almost time to get it back up and running. Remember, the clocks change at the end of the month and lighter nights are on the way! So, we’ve pulled together some top tips you can follow to ensure your equipment is ready for spring & summer, operating efficiently, and not costing you money on hefty repair or energy bills:

  • Ensure your equipment is free from dirt and debris that may have gathered over the last few months – this can help maintain efficient airflow and prevent the build up of dust, dirt, and pollen – not what any of us want to be breathing in!
  • Replace those air filters – not only does this keep the air from your unit clean but it also prevents dust getting released into it, which can be the cause of respiratory illnesses. So this is extremely important in the workplace, or you might just find your staff having more sick days!
  • Ensure your refrigerant levels are correct –  this is important for the pennies as low levels can lead to poor performance and higher energy bills. Energy is expensive enough at the moment without increasing the cost unnecessarily.
  • Check for visible damage – ensuring your equipment is in good condition means you can avoid expensive repair bills – noticing any faults or issues sooner rather than later usually works out cheaper!
  • Book in for some service & maintenance – just like checking for damages, this is a great way to identify any issues early and save on pennies in the long-run!
  • Give it a good running – yep, switch it on and let it run for a while, this is especially important if you haven’t ran it at all over the winter months.

These are just a few great tips to follow to ensure your equipment is performing to its full efficiency and also to keep those ever increasing energy bills down!

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