So, we provide you with LOTS of tips for your air conditioning units in our blogs, however, one aspect of air conditioning we seem to neglect is the one in our cars! We all have it, that little switch that helps us cool down our vehicles on a hot day, but just like in a work or home environment, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you are using the air conditioning in your car efficiently and to its full potential.

You know how it is, the sun has been blazing through the windows, you get in you car, decide you are going to melt and so turn the air con on full blast. Don’t!! Before you flick that switch, leave your door open for a few seconds or open a window for a moment. This will allow the hot air to escape, meaning the air conditioning unit can reach a more comfortable temperature sooner, and without powering through so much energy. If you don’t allow this hot air out, then all you are doing is allowing your air con system to circulate this air… which will not cool you down at all!

Instead of having your vents directly facing you, tilt them upwards to allow the air to be circulated around the car evenly and consistently. Avoid pointing them down at the floor too. Upward tilted vents allow the air to be distributed much more efficiently and also ensures that each passenger is cooled.

One common mistake people make is to avoid their air con all winter (for obvious reasons) and then blast it in the summer. As with any machinery, regular use keeps it operating much more efficiently and avoids any potential repair costs. All kinds of dirt can build up in your cars air con system, so run it regularly to allow this to clear and make sure you are changing your filters every year or so also. Even a quick blast for a few minutes every now and then helps!

We hope these tips above help you keep cooler this summer when you’re out and about in your vehicle – it’s getting to that time of year when we’re all going to be flicking that switch for some much-needed cooler air!

Car Dashboard air conditioner close-up view