A refrigeration plant, like any piece of equipment, works best when it’s looked after. For example, if you did not look after a car, eventually it would have problems and breakdown. Whilst that may be awkward for getting around, your refrigeration unit can have wider-reaching problems if it decides to play up! This blog looks at the best and main reasons to make sure that your equipment is running the best it can and is regularly maintained.

Avoiding costly breakdowns.

Going back to the car scenario, although being without a vehicle can be annoying, there are, or can be, many more costs involved with a breakdown of refrigeration equipment. For example, stock can be ruined if it is not transferred to another suitable refrigeration unit within time, if this goes on for a considerable amount of days while the problem is sorted, costs can quickly mount up. This, of course, can have knock-on effects on staff, suppliers and wholesalers. By regular maintenance of equipment, this can be minimised, and there are warning signs that your unit could need a service so read on…

Mould – how is it harmful to your equipment?

The majority of refrigeration units have a build-up of ice in some form or another. Ice can be a big carrier of bacteria, especially if it is left for periods without being checked and cleaned through. The tell-tale signs of ice that has reached this stage is mould forming on it. It is surprising how quickly this can happen, and the accumulation of mould also can bring unwanted smells – which is another tell-tale sign that the ice needs cleaning. If this happens, harmful bacteria can be present.

Energy costs and reducing them!

The general rule of thumb is, the older and unmaintained it is, the more it will cost to put right. This is true of all pieces of mechanical and electrical equipment. In the case of refrigeration equipment, if seals are worn, doors do not close properly, hinges are shot, or even door handles don’t lock properly, cold air can escape from the refrigeration unit causing the equipment to run harder and faster. The knock-on effect from this is extra energy, meaning higher energy costs. By maintaining these areas, before they become a problem, can dramatically reduce energy bills – in some cases up to 10%.

Slime is a warning sign!

Even commercial refrigeration units can have slime and sludge form in them, especially on drain pans. If this build-up is not cleaned sufficiently and regularly, it can cause freezing problems and again can lead to costly breakdowns and raised energy costs.

Is the unit in the best place?

If you have taken over a unit, or the unit is some years old or not installed by us, it may not be located in the very best place for it to work efficiently. It may cause numerous problems or breakdowns. For example, it may be in an area where warm air currents are passing through, or perhaps next to an electrical installation that gets quite warm. These examples can dramatically affect the way a refrigeration plant can work.

The bacteria that can cause a nightmare.

The main two forms of bacteria and viruses that can cause a nightmare in terms of ill-health are Salmonella and Listeria. These can be often traced back to unclean systems which include the mould on ice. It goes without saying that these can both cause irreparable damage to humans (and even be fatal) as well as the reputation of the business where they originated.

How can EJM help?

EJM have regular maintenance plans available to all businesses that use refrigeration units. This is regardless of whether we have installed them or not. By using these regular checks on equipment, can save all the headaches we have highlighted above. There are different plans available from a one-off check to a more regular visit.

All our plans are put in place to ensure the minimum of disruption or downtime to the business. We don’t just turn up unannounced, everything is planned! We even use specialist equipment, so we know exactly what your refrigeration plant is, the equipment in place, and even serial and part numbers!

As you can see from the article points above, regular maintenance can really help solve issues before they arise. Some refrigeration plants require more maintenance than others according to their age, however, even newer installations still need to be kept running efficiently and to the best of their capacity.

If you believe we can help you with your refrigeration installation and a maintenance plan or visit, simply give our team a call. We will chat through and advise you of the next stage and plan a site visit to help keep your refrigeration plant running efficiently and safely.