In our last blog, we looked at the first part of the alphabet when it comes to our services here at EJM. So welcome to the second part of the blog, this, of course, is the rest of the alphabet and the key points of the business. If you haven’t checked out part one yet, please do! Back to this blog and we resume on the letter N…

N – Newcastle Benfield

You may wonder what this has to do with us (especially if you haven’t seen our earlier blog), but EJM is proud to sponsor Newcastle Benfield football club, as a local team. If you did read our earlier blog you will see that we have many similarities with them, we are just not as good at football and prefer to stick to refrigeration engineering!

O – Outer Hebrides

Another seemingly strange entry in our A-Z but one we are proud of, the installation of a project in the Outer Hebrides. This was definitely no mean feat, and we had limited space to work with, along with the great Hebrides weather. However, everything ran like clockwork and the client was very pleased!

P – Pipework

We are very aware that equipment and installations are only as good as the quality of the materials that are used. This is why when we work on a project, we consider the use of pre-insulated pipework, which is much more robust and long-lasting. In fact, this is our first choice of a pipework system.

Q – Quality

It goes about saying that we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we produce for our customers. It is this quality that has enabled us to have a long service in the business and customers that come back to us time and time again for new work, servicing or even advice. We strongly believe that having everything to the best quality really benefits everyone.


We are members of this organisation which ensures companies that deal with F gases are fully compliant with health and safety and carry certification to that effect. They help us as a business with so many benefits in the F gas area, even records and logbooks for our clients and software to help us, help you!

S – Spares

As an independent business and not being tied to any major corporate company, we have the luxury of using only the very best parts for installations, along with any spares that we need for servicing and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

T – Thermographic Surveying

Part of our equipment includes equipment to check temperatures in all parts of the refrigeration installation. This can help find any abnormalities which can be dealt with swiftly, such as temperatures that are above the range required.

U – Understanding requirements

At EJM we know that every step is important from initial concept and design right through to the building, installation, testing and completion of a project. This is why we are lucky to have such skilled staff that can understand your requirements and advise you on them, should any need adjustment through health and safety or other needs.

V – Ventilation

Another of our major skills is ensuring ventilation on all projects and all aspects are suitable and appropriate. This can include refrigeration projects and air-conditioning installations. As said above, we will work with you to ensure the best ventilation for your project.

W – Wealth of experience

We know we have mentioned this before, however, everything we do is like a piece of a jigsaw and every part fits into place perfectly. This means using and drawing on the experience of our skilled professional workers and the whole team. Every time that we use this experience, we can gain even more knowledge in the process. All our experience adds up to a large benefit for you!

X – X marks the spot!

Okay, this may be a bit of a corny letter, however making sure that a plant is installed both safely (meeting health and safety requirements) and in the best possible place to allow for space, access, efficient running, and on a budget means a good design concept is needed. Where we put an installation on your premises, is extremely important to meet all of these needs.

Y – York…

Just one of the makes of compressors that we regularly service. Others include Sabroe, Grasso, Halls, Stal, Carrier, Trane, Gram, Bitzer, Copeland, Howden & Frick – in fact, all of the major manufacturers of a compressor. We spend a lot of time learning about these compressors and any quirks, as we know downtime for a company needs to be kept to a minimum.

Z – Zero-rated

Environmental aspects are very important to us, which is why we use ammonia as our preferred refrigerant. It is our choice because the chemical is zero-rated for ozone depletion. It, of course, has other benefits, and we even have a blog on it!

So that concludes our whistle-stop A-Z of the company, we hope you have found several points interesting and maybe even learned a thing or two! For more information, please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.