There are so many things we do on a day to day basis, it’s hard to imagine we get time to do it all! Our priority is always our customers and keeping their installations running smoothly, of course for any business new clients are always welcome. Because of the vast things we do, we wanted to put together a whistle-stop article about some of them. The best way we thought was to do an A to Z, so this is part 1 with Part 2 coming later.

A – Ammonia

This is the mainstay refrigerant for us at EJM. We have been using it in installations for many years and it remains one of the best refrigerants available today. Ammonia carries lots of benefits to its use, including environmental and safety aspects.

B – Budget

We understand that every business doesn’t have a bottomless pit of money for refrigeration needs and budgets have to be decided, agreed and importantly, kept too. It is why we work with you to give you the very best return on investment when it comes to your refrigeration project.

C – Commercial refrigeration

One of our four specialist areas, we cater for all types of commercial installations. Over the years we have completed projects for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and installed everything to keep products cool in science laboratories to hospitals. For your commercial requirements, we are definitely worth speaking to.

D – Doughnuts!

We are not being rude – remember one of the commercial refrigeration services we provide was to the food industry? Well, you could be eating a doughnut that has come from our client’s large refrigeration installation!

E – Experience

We have plenty of this! When the company has been around for almost four decades the experience of our team speaks for itself. This is why our customers are completely satisfied with their service from us – we know what we are doing!

F – F Gas

F Gas as it’s commonly known stands for fluorinated gas, a refrigerant that has been limited with strict rules of use imposed on it. It is good; however, it can cause issues with the environment so limits have been placed on its use. It’s why we prefer Ammonia!

G – Great after sales!

It sounds corny, but it’s true! We don’t just install and then leave you to it – we care and follow up to ensure you are completely happy and the installation is running efficiently. For us at EJM customers are like family, so we like to look after you!

H – Health and Safety

The number one thing we hold as paramount is the safety of all personnel, which also includes our own staff. With plants and installations as large are the projects we deal with, we cannot afford to cut corners. EJM always makes sure every installation is safe for all concerned.

I – Industrial Refrigeration

Another of our four main services and possibly the biggest. Since we started way back in 1980, we have completed numerous projects from chill stores to ice production plants. In fact, there is not much, if nothing, we don’t know about industrial refrigeration. And all new developments we keep up to date with.

J – Just a call away!

We are always pleased to speak to you, whether you are a current customer, a potential client or just looking for advice on large scale refrigeration. Our friendly team is waiting to take your call and help with your questions.

K – Knowledge

As we have said we have been in business for nearly four decades and along with that, we have a vast experience. Because we have a large workforce of professional people our skills add up as well – around 200 years of knowledge between us all. It might make us sound old, but you get the benefit!

L – Locations

We are not limited to where we will work either – we have installed refrigeration plants all over the United Kingdom and as far as places such as the Outer Hebrides. So wherever you are located, we can help – even if we have to part build elsewhere and install on-site.

M – Maintenance Schedules

Having a shiny new installation or even an older plant, you always need it looked after and running as efficiently as it possibly can. That is why we offer comprehensive maintenance schedules to keep everything working smoothly.

So that is part one of the A to Z, the next half of the alphabet will come soon, but we hope from this blog, you have a better understanding of how we work. The next blog will finish off the journey, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.