Our industry covers so many aspects of refrigeration, and across so many sectors as well. To have a blog on every one of these aspects will be quite some read, so we have tried to condense a lot of what we do into this refrigeration blog, and just because we can, we have started each point with a letter that spells out refrigeration! Who says there is no fun in our industry?

R – Refrigeration, where else could we begin? Without refrigeration being discovered and being developed over the centuries we wouldn’t even have a business to start with, so we just had to start with this word! A good blog all about refrigeration can be found here.

E –  Experience, we are very proud of our long experience in the industry, let’s face it to know as much as we do about regeneration can only benefit our lovely customers and their own businesses. It’s not just our engineers but our whole team that makes up our experience.

F – Food industry, this is the one at the largest sectors of our commercial side and we are proud to have served our customers with refrigeration plants that keep food fresh and wholesome ready for consumers. In both freezing plants and cooling, we always strive to give our customers the best service.

R – Repeat business, it is because of our reliability that we are proud to have clients coming back to us again and again, because of our reputation of customer service and making sure that everyone is satisfied. By building this trust we have gone from strength to strength with regular customers.

I – Industrial, this is where we really started, with industrial refrigeration. That was around 40 years ago and although refrigeration has not changed a great deal in that time, laws, refrigerants and safety have. We always adhere to these changes never cut corners, giving our customers complete peace of mind.

G – Global warming, as you can imagine this is very high on the agenda of industrial companies ensuring they have the best criteria in place to reduce global warming and keep within strict guidelines and laws. Because we use predominantly ammonia as a refrigerant, it is zero-rated for global warming. We want future generations to be able to enjoy the planet.

E – Engineers, where would we be without them? They are the complete backbone of our company and without them, we simply couldn’t operate. As we have said the experience within the company is amazing and our engineers are at the heart of it with their knowledge.

R – Reliability, not of our company, but of our parts. We use the very best parts for your budget that we can source, simply because we know that your installations require to be up and running without breaking down every five minutes – if they did that we wouldn’t be in a job! We always use reliable parts in every service and installation.

A – After-sales service, we pride ourselves on our after-sales and looking after our customers, and developing a bond with them. For us, it is not just installed and walk away, we know that by developing the support and after-sales service our customers have come to expect, will lead to not only repeat business but complete all-round understanding on installations and servicing.

T – Training, all of our engineers and staff undergo regular training – this keeps us completely up-to-date with the latest laws and guidelines surrounding refrigeration both in the industrial and commercial sectors. We did not get our accreditations by sitting on our hands, we know that we have to move with technology and we ensure that all our staff are up-to-date. This can only benefit you as our customers!

I – Independent, yes we are an independent company and that means we can bring you the very best in parts, equipment and servicing as we are not tied to a major corporation. For more about us being independent take a look at this blog.

O – Open! We believe in being completely open with our customers and potential clients, there is no benefit in trying to sell something to them that they don’t need or when something else will be better. Only by working this way can we develop a business relationship with our clients and they trust us for it!

N – No obligation quote, we know there are several other companies in the industry, but we always try and be competitive with them, giving the best service for clients budgets. It is why when you ask us for a quote there is no obligation at all on your part. If the budget is not stretching to the quote given, it is always worth speaking to us as there are sometimes other ways the project can be undertaken.

As you can see there is still a lot of work that goes into EJM as a company, the very first thing to do should you need more information is just to get in touch, pick up the phone or send us a message. We look forward to speaking with you soon!