Refrigeration is a major part of our business and we specialise in both commercial and industrial refrigeration services. Since forming in 1980 we have worked extensively in this area carrying out numerous projects including the below in industrial refrigeration:

  • Low temperature food distribution centres
  • Chill temperature distribution stores
  • In line freezing plant for the food industry
  • Air blast freezing plant
  • Large water chilling plant for the dairy industry
  • Ice production plants for chemical process
  • Process cooling plant for the chemical industry
  • Horizontal and vertical plate freezing
  • Abattoir plants
  • Pumped ammonia with hot gas defrost
  • Low pressure receiver systems with reverse cycle defrost

Our commercial refrigeration services have seen us carry out many projects for sectors in the food industry and for other clients, we are able to offer bespoke systems to meet their needs for Science Laboratories, Advance Composites, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Mortuaries. We take our time to ensure each enquiry is discussed fully in detail, thus providing our clients with the best possible tailored service. Discussions will include, but not be limited to:

  • Choice of the type of refrigerant used
  • Assessment in the use of secondary glycol systems rather than solely direct expansion systems
  • Life–cycle costs
  • F-Gas Requirements
  • Consideration of Air Distribution within the temperature-controlled areas to minimise the impact of noise and draughts
  • Stand-by capabilities of equipment
  • Enhanced energy Saving measures such as floating condensing pressures and liquid pump amplification
  • Reliability using proven manufacturers

In addition to new installations, we possess extensive experience in upgrading and extending facilities. Our expertise allows us to accommodate modifications with minimum disturbance to production. As an independent company, we are free to select and supply equipment which best suits your needs as we are not constrained to any one manufacturer. We also have extensive knowledge in the use of Pre-Insulated Pipework Systems which offer a commendable, long lasting, robust finish to pipework and valve stations. The integrity of the insulation is exceptional and is used as first choice in large pipework systems.

If you would like to discuss a commercial or industrial refrigeration project with us, whether this be new or existing, then please do not hesitate to get in touch where a member of our team will be happy to assist you. You can find the various ways to contact us via our Contact Us Page –