Nowadays, Air Con isn’t really considered a luxury anymore, but more of a necessity. It’s not often now we go to a new job that doesn’t have an air conditioning system or go out to a public place such as a shopping centre or restaurant and find ourselves too hot because there’s no system cooling us down. Air con is now everywhere! Gone are the days when it was just a feature of being on holiday in a foreign country; more and more people in the UK are now installing air conditioning systems in their homes too.

At EJM we have the option of applying the correct solution for each application using any of the major equipment suppliers.

Air conditioning systems include:

  • High Risk Food Production Areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Close Control Systems
  • Humidity Control
  • Office Heat Pumps with Inverter Control
  • Server Rooms

Ventilation activities include:

  • High Care Pressurisation Systems
  • Balanced Factory Ventilation
  • Canopy Extract
  • Ductwork & Textile Sock Distribution Systems
  • Changing Rooms Ventilation
  • Ambient Coolers


Health, Safety & the Environment is now first and foremost in every aspect of life. This also extends to the reduction of ice build-ups in cold stores, which hold the potential to be serious slip hazards. EJM have been involved in many applications of dehumidification to reduce the formation of ice. Utilising desiccant wheel dehumidifiers which reduce the moisture ingress at source really can ensure effective Health & Safety.

Coldstore coolers require defrosting to remove frost and ice which forms on the finned coil surfaces. Defrosting is necessary but uses energy and introduces heat load into the Coldstore. Reducing frost and ice formation is key in the design. Dehumidifiers can play a major role to reduce moisture ingress in the first place, as defrosting is much reduced and enable energy cost savings both for defrost and compressor running hours.

So if you need some air conditioning installing or require some service & maintenance for your existing system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!