There are many career vocations that can be taken in working life, but one of the roles that can mean a whole range of diverse avenues is in the engineering sector. At EJM we have a vast range of experience with our engineering team, but they all had to start somewhere, so what does engineering offer new generations of industry professionals, regardless of their gender? Contrary to many beliefs, the industry does have a pull to young engineer hopefuls and this blog looks at some of the things that appeal to them.


Engineering is one of the industries that have the ability to really challenge an individual. If a new recruit to the sector has the drive and determination – and most people do, then the challenges engineering can throw up will keep them busy!

Although a challenge may be difficult for an individual (even though they may have the ability to overcome it), some challenges are completed when a team approach is taken. It’s why at EJM we strongly believe the challenges we face are best dealt with our team of engineers, putting their heads together. This way the less experienced among them can learn further skills.


Talking of skills, we understand that every vocation requires skills of some type – however, engineering allows people to learn a mind-blowing range of skills. Whether it is analytical, practical, or theoretical skills, the individual can pick up a whole set, that they often never even consider.

These skills are also transferable, so if they start out in the practical side of the industry, they can just as easily fit into the other end of the spectrum, perhaps in the design. Then they would also have the knowledge of how something in practice works – or doesn’t work and could be made more effective.


One of the main aspects of engineering is using a creativity skill – believe us being creative can really help in some situations, using the old cliché ‘thinking outside the box’. Often, we find that installations are pretty straightforward, even if they are bespoke. The plant, equipment and access points are all within scope for that contract.

However, sometimes there are situations that require extra thought to get the installation onto the site, without the minimum of disruption. This is where creativity can come into its own, getting around the issue but at the same time keeping everything and everyone safe and legal.


If there is one working sector that can really help the individual development, it’s engineering. Not just develop skills to get the job completed but develop self-skills too. Working with others as part of a team, having constructive input into a project and developing the experience to pass onto others, these are the things that someone in the sector can pick up.

Often a person can develop skills without realising, but their peers can see how far they have come and that is where other opportunities can arise – a larger project, larger salary, management, testing, or training others are some of the opportunities available.


This is the very heart of being an engineer – you are presented with a problem that needs a solution and as a professional, you engineer the answer that works in a safe way. Hence the engineering term! If you are the type of person that analyses a particular problem and solves it to the best of your ability but still strives to improve and continually seek a better way for it to work, then you are ideal engineer material!

Adverts on television always promote new and improved – they do that for a reason – if they were to stay the same, they could be left behind by competitors. At EJM we always look to keep up to date and solve problems with the latest thinking.


You don’t start a career because you hate it! Every job has bad days, but generally, people choose a vocation because it offers them the thing they want in their working life – job satisfaction (and of course a good salary!)

Being an engineer with the diverse paths that can be taken offers just that to tens of thousands of people in the UK alone. Going home at the end go the day knowing you have solved a problem, helped a client or colleague and made their life a bit easier, is an immense feeling. We take pride in making our clients feel valued and that gives us great satisfaction.

So, engineering has a huge amount to offer as a career and whether you are a practical, hands-on type of person or one who prefers to analyse using technology, your skills will always be needed now and into the future. Take it from ones who know – after all, we have been in business for almost 40 years!