Welcome to the second blog in our review of 2020 – the year that went crazy! We are not going to dwell on any of the bad stuff, but look at the second set of blogs that we put out over the year which we hope you found useful! If you want to check out the first part of this blog, you need to visit here. If this is your first time on our website, please feel free to check out the rest of everything we do!


The second blog we put out in January was about thermographic surveys. If you have no idea what one is and how it could save you money, then you need to check out the blog: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/how-a-thermographic-survey-can-save-you-money/ it is pretty cool (excuse the pun) and we will be happy to chat to you about it.


The second blog in the month of love was about changing room ventilation. Little did we know at the time that these facilities would soon be closed. However, the fact remains that ventilation in changing rooms is vitally important – if you want to know why then you need to click here: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/changing-room-ventilation-and-why-it-is-vital/


Yes, we all know what happened in March. The first lockdown definitely brought the problems home. We tried to stay as positive as possible and put out a blog about ambient air cooling – maybe not the most riveting subject, however, we wanted to try and give our customers something other than the normal to read. The blog can be found here: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/what-is-ambient-air-cooling/


By now the country was in full swing of being closed down. Because we are key workers we carried on making sure our customer’s installations were all working properly. Unfortunately because of everything going on, April did not have a blog from us on the website – but we are sure you understand why.


In May for our second blog, we decided to talk about plate freezing, what it was and how the commercial food industry uses it. It’s one of those blogs that make you think – oh that’s how they do it! Find out more about it from here: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/plate-freezing-what-is-it/


For our second blog in June, we covered more about the main chemical that we use in refrigeration, ammonia. There are lots more uses to ammonia than you may think and this blog goes on to explain some of those uses and also why we use it in our industry. So to learn about ammonia again or revisit the blog have a look at this link: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/all-about-ammonia/


The second part of July we put out a blog about the methods of defrosting in refrigeration. Although this may seem an easy and straightforward task to do, it’s not always so! We would put out there the different methods that people use and the reasons why defrosting is important. If you want to learn how to, you need to look at this: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/defrosting-methods-in-refrigeration/


Summer seemed so far away! In our second August blog, we looked at something called in-line freezing. This is used predominantly in the food industry, and we can guarantee some frozen food in your freezer at home, has gone through in-line freezing. If you want to know more, about how exactly it works and why we know there should be some in your freezer that has gone through it, follow this link https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/in-line-freezing-what-is-it/


With the children finally going back to school, September bought our second blog the title of life without refrigeration. There could be a tentative link there somewhere because you could miss refrigeration as much as the children have missed school! We digress, life without refrigeration would be pretty crazy, especially in modern-day society. Find out exactly what would happen if we didn’t have refrigeration by checking out September’s blog here: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/life-without-refrigeration/


We took the liberty of summing up refrigeration and all we do for it for our blog in October. We did something a little crazy in using the word refrigeration and how each letter could be related to our industry. Crazy maybe, but these are of course crazy times! So check it out by looking at the blog here: https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/10-crazy-things-about-refrigeration/


Ever heard of freezer burn? Instead of frantically Googling it, take a look our November blog: freezer burn is a very common phenomenon that happens in lots of homes. You wouldn’t believe how many people like to find out about freezer burn. So to know if the food is safe to eat, what it would look and taste like, head on over to the blog. https://ejmrefrigeration.co.uk/what-is-freezer-burn/


And here we are bang up-to-date, using this blog to look back over the final amount we have put out over the year. And what a year! We sincerely hope 2021 brings much more safety and normality. We want to thank you, everyone, of you that has read our blogs throughout the year and has supported our industry.