It’s been a completely strange year as we’re sure everyone will agree. Traditionally at the end of each year, a presenter comes on the television and talks about what’s been going on as a review of the past 12 months. Because we all pretty much know what that will be this year, we thought we would spend our last couple of blogs of this month reviewing what we have looked at over the year. We hope you have enjoyed our blogs this year and if you have missed any this is your chance to revisit them. You can learn a little bit about us and about refrigeration in general! So, join us on part one of our review of our blogs!


January seemed so long ago now! And we started the year with a blog looking back at 40 years and what had been happening. The reason we used 40 years was that 2020 was the year that we turned 40 as a business. Little did we know then the type of year it turned out to be. That is why we have not made a massive deal out of turning 40 is a business, especially as through the year so many people were struggling with their businesses, and continue to do so. It’s still worth looking at the blog as it can help reminisce about the past 40 years, so if you have missed it check it out here:


Our first blog in February continued from where January’s first one left off – the 40 years look back to part two. We are betting there are many of you that will remember the things we put into these blogs – there maybe some of you that even mention them to your children or grandchildren. If you want to check out the second of the looking back blogs the link is here:


This month was when the UK started to go very crazy and lockdown started in earnest. We decided at the time to try and be as normal on our website as possible! So, we added a blog as we would, the first being about ventilation. The blog itself can be found here: we can’t say too much more about March because it seems a blur!


Now you might be wondering why there was no blog in April. It is simply due to everything that was happening in the country. Lockdown, working out where we need to be etc. we hope you didn’t miss it too much!


In May we decided you needed a light-hearted blog, let’s face it who didn’t need to be light-hearted back then? So we gave you a blog about seven things that need to be kept cool. These are not your normal run-of-the-mill items. If you want to find out what they were, have a look here:


In June we opened with an air-conditioning blog – why not, it was June after all! So many people think air-conditioning is just something offices have, but they would be wrong. Find out more about air-conditioning and what’s the blog held by using this link:


Maintenance and making sure refrigeration equipment was running as efficiently as possible was the blog for July. It seems quite a while ago still, but we were still out and about as key workers keeping equipment running. The blog itself can be found here: and is definitely worth a read if you want to keep your installations in tiptop condition!


Saving money is always a bonus, and August’s blog on Floating Head Pressure was one-way we are able to do this it! You can find out more about what this is an how it could save money by visiting the blog at this link:


We know that there are other companies that do what we do out there. Which is why in September we covered a blog of the reasons that you should consider us for your refrigeration needs. If you want to find out what they were (and you’re still considering us), take a look here:


Refrigeration has changed a bit over the last 40 years when we first started out trading. We made a blog in October to highlight this and the changes that have happened. You can view it here!


Of course, this is the month of the second lockdown, so we decided another light-hearted blog was in order. It is why we chose crazy facts about all about refrigeration. The blog itself can be found here: and it’s worth a look over!


So here we are in December and we’re using this blog as one of the first to look back. We hope you have enjoyed this trip down blog memory lane, and will join us for the second instalment of it at the end of the month – right after Christmas!

Until then, stay warm, stay safe and have a good festive period.