Like all equipment every so often it will need maintaining – whether to just clean or to replace parts as they are worn out and non-serviceable.

At EJM we take our servicing very seriously as we do not want any machinery to fail, leak or not work as efficiently as it can. We know how important it is to you to keep everything going!

On our website, under the service section is a bullet-pointed list of maintenance aspects we can cover, and this blog looks at these in greater detail, so you know when you sign up to a servicing plan, we cover everything.

Tailor-made maintenance visits based on planned durations.

The one thing we know worries business owners is the amount of money that can be lost if there is downtime due to equipment maintenance. This is why we regularly service installations as a planned visit – when the business is best placed to receive us. It also means that the business owners know exactly how long the downtime (if any) will be for the servicing and factor that into the day and visit.

Service Calls & Emergency Call-Outs

Machinery is not infallible and sometimes we may need to visit as an emergency call out to sort a problem. We can, of course, do this in addition to regular service calls. The majority of the time the problem can be rectified quickly due to the experience of our engineers.

Intense Cooler Cleaning regimes

At times systems need a more intensive clean than the daily maintenance schedule by the businesses own workers. That is where we can help and give the system a full specialist clean. The amount that this cleaning time will need to be carried out depends on the use level of the system, so as always be sure to ask our advice.

Vibration Monitoring

Machines vibrate – it is part of the territory especially as there are large forces involved in the cooling process. We will monitor the vibrations and take appropriate action should it become a problem – which is rare. The action could be simply changing a part that is not running quite as well as it should, to levelling the installation slightly.

Laser Alignment

This technique is used for several things to ensure the correct siting of the product (it is also used to make sure car wheels are aligned properly). In refrigeration equipment, alignment has many uses from ensuring the doors correctly align and close, to the levelness of the installation parts.

Oil Analysis

Just as in a motor car, oil plays an important part in refrigeration equipment. Making sure the oil is correct in viscosity, is carrying no debris, and is fit for purpose is a simple but vital job.


We can supply and fit all types of spares – and the beauty of being independent means we don’t need to stick to a certain type but can use the best type for the budget.

Leak Detection Calibration

We regularly undertake calibration of leak detection systems, ensuring if there is a gas leak, we are confident that there will be no safety issues, and everyone knows the process and how to resolve it. Leaks sometimes do happen – gases have a way of finding the smallest chink in the armour and escaping, but with systems that are regularly checked, this forms a big part of the service.

Thermographic Surveys

We have written a whole blog on this subject so won’t go into the nitty-gritty here, but simply to say that this technique can be used to find energy loss areas in the plant and help resolve them, saving the business money.

Compressor Overhauls

As one of the most major parts of any refrigeration system, compressors are vital to keeping the process running – which is why we service and overhaul all the major brands and makes. As said before, we can also fit spares to them if needed and ensure they are tested fully, before they are put back into service. The overhaul and/or rebuilding of the compressor is always factored into the downtime aspect of the service.

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to advances in technology we are sometimes able to monitor certain systems remotely, ensuring they are working the most efficiently they can. Always ask us if this is possible for your plant equipment during your next service (or call us beforehand).

So, in conclusion, our experience in the refrigeration industry means we can confidently service and maintain equipment keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum. Our engineers are focused on making sure your installations and plant is as safe as it can be and running to the most efficient capacity.

If you need a service plan, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to work the best plan out with you, making sure your equipment is running perfectly!