It may just be coming to the end of January and we might still be wrapping ourselves up in scarves and blankets, but Spring will soon be here and with it the rise in temperature. We all know our weather is getting warmer and our UK summers are slowly starting to feel more like Spanish summers; this is why more and more people across Europe are turning to air con to keep their homes and workplaces comfortable environments to be in.

Installations in air conditioning units have seen increases in both homes and offices over the past couple of years and this increase is expected to continue as the fight against climate change continues. 4.8 million air conditioning units were sold across Europe in 2018, which was an increase of 11% from 2017, and over 200,000 of these were sold within the UK. Modern offices and commercial buildings are often built with large glass windows for aesthetic reasons; however, the warmer summers are warming these buildings even further, and staff are finding temperatures uncomfortable to work in without air conditioning.

Modern air con units are much more energy efficient than they used to be, and companies are now beginning to switch to these more environmentally friendly units. Whether you need air conditioning installing or upgrading in your home or workplace, it’s important that you discuss your requirements with a professional and experienced company. This will ensure you get the unit that is right for you and that it is installed and operates in the most energy efficient way.

Here at EJM, we have the option of applying the correct solution for each application using any of the major equipment suppliers.

Air Conditioning Systems Include:

  • High Risk Food Production Areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Close Control Systems
  • Humidity Control
  • Office Heat Pumps with Inverter Control
  • Server Rooms

Activities Include:

  • High Care Pressurisation Systems
  • Balanced Factory Ventilation
  • Canopy Extract
  • Ductwork & Textile Sock Distribution Systems
  • Changing Rooms Ventilation
  • Ambient coolers

If you need help deciding which air conditioning unit is best for you, or if you need an installation, then get in touch with us to find out how we can help. When you work with us, you’ll receive a professional, expert, and tailored service that ensures you get the best equipment for your requirements.

We also provide dehumidification services and have been involved in many projects to reduce the formation of ice in cold stores. Allowing ice to form in cold stores poses a real Health & Safety threat, as these formations have the potential to become real slip hazards. Coldstore coolers require defrosting to remove frost and ice which forms on the finned coil surfaces. Defrosting is necessary but uses energy and introduces heat load into the Coldstore. Reducing frost and ice formation is key in the design. Dehumidifiers can play a major role to reduce moisture ingress in the first place, as defrosting is much reduced and enable energy cost savings both for defrost and compressor running hours.