Oh it’s been warm! Temperatures are soaring, we’re losing sleep, ice lollies just aren’t cutting it… it’s most definitely summer!

We just need that little something more, don’t we? But when it comes to buying a cooling device which is best? Is it a portable air conditioning unit or a freestanding fan? Well, let’s take a look…

Fans work by circulating the air in the room, but the thing here is that they are circulating air that is the same temperature, they don’t cool it like air con units do. Fans work to push the air in the room around, which makes you feel less sweaty and does provide some sense of coolness, however, it’s important to remember here that fans only provide temporary fixes and you need to be sat quite close to them to feel any benefit at all. Leaving a fan on overnight whilst you sleep can also cause some issues, many people wake with a sore dry throat or may develop a cough through constant use.

Portable air conditioning units work differently. Instead of pushing the warm air around, they work to physically lower the temperature of the air. They do this by taking in the warm air and cooling it, providing more comfort. The major benefit here is that the temperature is actually controlled and you don’t need to sit right next to the unit to feel its benefit. However, they can be quite heavy which is often a ‘turn-off’ to some people, especially those who would not be able to move the unit around their home on their own. Fans are much lighter and easier to move.

There’s also the issue of cost – fans use way less energy than air conditioning units, so people often prefer them as they are the cheaper option by far. For example, you can run a fan for around 2p per hour, whereas an air conditioning unit could cost you up to 44p per hour.

There are many pros and cons for each, but an air conditioning unit gives you full control of the temperature of the room, meaning you don’t need to sit right next to it to feel comfortable.