We were looking at our website the other day and a thought struck us, how many numbers are on there! So, we thought it would be good to put them all into context in one place – this blog. When you consider how long we have been in business, it’s understandable we can have some figures such as longevity and years’ experience. So, take a look at our figures and we’ll see if we can add to them in the future. Remember to us, you are not a number!

1st – where our customers come.

We fully understand we wouldn’t have a business without our customers, which is why we always put them first. Everything we do revolves around the satisfaction of our customers, from the initial concept of an installation through the design, the unfolding of the installation and all the safety aspects itself and to the final launch. We have our team and your team alongside all the way. We know this works the best as everyone knows the plan and what is coming next.

1980 – a very good year!

Yes, 1980 was a very good year, especially for us! It was way back then when we started trading and from those humble beginnings, we have grown to the company we are today. Back in 1980 toy engineers were making things like the Rubik’s cube, launched in January that year. People were using their brains avoiding monsters in the groundbreaking Pac-Man game, while in the motor industry the Escort MK3 was the big thing. How times have changed.

200+ years of experience.

We have worked out that between our very skilled team, we have 200 plus years of experience between us. That makes us sound ancient! Seriously though, it is this knowledge that has helped us develop into the company we are. Experience doesn’t just make you good, we have all made mistakes that experience means we learn from. Sometimes the things that don’t work, meaning we find solutions to what works the best!

Our customers really appreciate this when it comes to design, our honesty if something might not quite work, but the reasons why to back it up – along with alternatives.

9001 an ISO odyssey!

One of our high standards reached and accredited. What does this mean for our customers? Put simply they know that when they use us, they will have a well-managed experience. 9001 is an international standard that demonstrates that we have achieved quality management and consistently meet the services and expectations of our customers.

Strangely the standard started the same year as us in 1980, but the last major revision, to ensure we meet the highest standards was in 2015.

2nd to none.

Meaning we always strive to be the top company in our area and sector. Let’s be honest, you don’t go into business to fail, you want to be the best, to gain more clients and exposure. Only by working hard and dedicating the time to working at positive outcomes, will you succeed. That might seem deep, but it’s true! Everyone at EJM has a part to play, and the team thrives because of it. This gives our customers confidence in us to look after their projects and all their servicing.

4 engineering specialities.

Our top four sectors we are proud to undertake are

  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Servicing and maintenance

So even if you already have a plant, we can help keep it running efficiently with our service team and maintenance plans. We suppose you could call the team cool dudes!

5-star ratings.

It’s always nice to have feedback from our customers, after all, if there is something that didn’t go as they thought, we need to know! Thankfully we have the knowledge to avoid such situations, and it seems to show with the testimonials we receive from happy and satisfied customers. Just take a look at some of the things that have been said about us on the website!

One number to call!

We would be crazy not to add the number that can help our clients and potential customers achieve their design plan, installation, and maintenance of a plant. Our phone number is 01429 836 161 – where the friendly team will be happy to advise you, make appointments for visits, complete maintenance plans, requests, and give a quote for a project.

In all EJM has been at the forefront of so many different things in the engineering sector, that our numbers really start to add up! We hope to continue adding to the numbers – including new clients, to add to the tally table.

The main number we always strive to be in the eyes of our customers is number one. So why, not call us for a chat about your requirements?