When you run a business, you usually only want to spend money on things that are going to bring you revenue or profit, however, at times, it is necessary to spend money on things that don’t quite bring these same benefits. We hear many business owners ask, “Do we really need air conditioning in our offices?” In short, the answer is yes. Though installing an air conditioning unit is not going to bring profit in to your business, it is a great benefit for your employees, and therefore, in turn, for your business. Many business owners think opening windows on warm days is enough to keep their staff happy, wrong. Opening windows does not control and maintain the temperature of the workplace, and on days when there is no breeze outside, employees often won’t feel any benefit at all from having windows open.


If you are unsure as to whether or not you and your business need to invest in air conditioning unit, here are some of the benefits installing one of these could bring you…


  1. Employee Productivity – This is one of the biggest benefits of an air conditioning unit to businesses. When people aren’t comfortable they are not as productive, so think of how many man-hours your business is losing by employees not performing as well as they could be due to the simple reason that they are too hot. Being too hot makes most of us uncomfortable, and you will often find your employees making trips to open windows or to water machines in attempts to cool themselves down. With an air conditioning unit, you can control the workplace temperature, making it a comfortable environment for everyone to work in. This will prevent a loss of hours through staff simply being uncomfortable, therefore not wasting your valuable money. As well as having productive employees you will also find that your staff are off less with sickness. Germs thrive and breed in warmer temperatures, so don’t allow your workplace to become a breeding ground for sickness bugs which cause your staff to be absent from work!
  2. Higher Quality – As mentioned above, staff who are comfortable are much more productive. This also works with the quality of work your staff are producing. When we are not feeling comfortable, we find it much harder to concentrate, therefore errors occur more frequently.  Regulating the temperature of the environment will make your employees feel content and will most certainly increase their concentration levels. You will then find that quality errors don’t happen anywhere near as often, which saves you both precious time and money from having to correct work that has already been done.
  3. Clients/Visitors Appreciate It – Many of our businesses see clients or visitors frequenting the work building, and many of us do our utmost to ensure they are comfortable when spending time within our business. Imagine the situation, your visitor has travelled a few hours for a meeting with yourself, it is a hot summers day and they have no air conditioning in their car. They arrive at your workplace hot, flustered and feeling a little uncomfortable. Do you want to add to their already bad situation by bringing them into a meeting room that is just as hot as their car journey was? Or do you want them to step inside a cool and comfortable environment where they can finally cool themselves down and feel ready for the meeting ahead? When it’s a hot day outside, everyone appreciates a regulated comfortable temperature inside.
  4. Money Saving – Yes, in the long run, an air conditioning unit is very likely to save your business money. At first, many business owners tell us they don’t want to pay the prices for the installing of these units. Once the installing has been done, you will find that overtime running an air conditioning unit is much more economic and cheaper than having several fans working in every area of your workplace. You might find your building requires a large number of plug-in fans to keep the temperature cool, however, an air conditioning unit will require much less, therefore, the price of electricity usually always work out cheaper with an air conditioning unit.


As you can see, there are many benefits to having an air conditioning unit in your workplace. As they massively benefit your employees, they in turn massively benefit your business though preventing the loss of time and quality errors. If you don’t have one already, then get in touch with us today and we can provide you with further information and answer any questions you might have.