We’ve all had a rough year, and it’s been a year that’s allowed us to both recognise and acknowledge the true heroes of the world – those that have kept us safe and that have kept us going throughout the COVID19 pandemic. And, as we are slowly starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, we just wanted to tell you about one more hero this year, but not one that will have even been thought about by many…

Commercial refrigeration. Yep, you read that right. Numerous businesses across various industries rely on commercial refrigeration daily for them to operate properly; the healthcare industry is no exception to this. In fact, it might possibly be one of the biggest users of commercial refrigeration.

Technological advancements in the healthcare industry over the past few years have been exceptional, with these innovative pieces of technology having hugely positive effects on the pharmaceutical industry and its products. Coupled with these, advancements in commercial refrigeration have allowed for better healthcare and medical advances throughout the sector.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration for healthcare, it should be noted this is a complex area; each segment of healthcare requires commercial refrigeration with unique and tailored traits. For example, a blood refrigerator requires an extremely specific temperature to keep the bags of blood secure and safe for use. However, though each segment requires different features, the basic workings of the refrigeration units remain pretty much the same throughout.

As cases of COVID19 continued to rise and vaccines were developed with specific temperature requirements such as the Pfizer, it has been extremely important that effective vaccine refrigerators were in operation. These types of refrigerators require critical application, as if the temperature were incorrect and a vaccine was to freeze, its effectiveness would be in question and possibly even unknown.  It is therefore essential that full requirements are understood and implemented for each vaccine refrigeration unit, and many experts are coming forward to ensure the best possible units are developed both now and in the future, including portable vaccine refrigeration units.

So, when you have your covid vaccine – or maybe you’ve had them both by now – give a little thought to the extremely clever and advanced vaccine refrigerator unit that has kept it safe and effective until it was time for it to be put into your arm!