Do you know which you need? Many business owners don’t at first, so it’s important to speak to professionals who can advise you correctly – such as ourselves! Hopefully, this post can clear any confusion up too. Let’s take a look at the differences:

Commercial Refrigeration: Typically, this is used for office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, supermarkets, hotels, ice rinks, shopping centres, and possibly small manufacturing companies.

Industrial Refrigeration: This is used more for food processing or storage, manufacturing, chemical, power plants, and petrochemical.

Though they are used differently, both commercial and industrial refrigeration have the same performance-related goals, which are to reduce heat gain, reduce emissions (save energy), prevent condensation, improve equipment performance, improve process performance, reduce water use, provide freeze protection, and improve personal protection.

One major difference is the materials required for each. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, the temperature range means that common materials can be used for insulation such as fiberglass, elastomeric materials, or polyolefin, whereas industrial refrigeration more commonly uses cellular glass and polyisocyanurate.

Selecting and using the correct materials is highly important in both commercial and industrial refrigeration, as cutting corners or using materials that aren’t suitable can, and often does, result in major costs. So, taking shortcuts to save a few pennies really isn’t worth it, when the consequence will be a major loss of pounds! Some issues, especially when it comes to commercial refrigeration, can lead to legal implications, which is why a business should always use a professional and reputable company who can advise them on the correct requirements.

Here at EJM, we are specialists in both commercial and industrial refrigeration and have carried out various projects throughout the UK for each. We discuss each enquiry in depth with the client, working towards the most effective and correct solution for their business, and our tailored service has our customers coming back to us for further work time and time again. Get in touch with us today and find out how we could be helping you.