EJM were happy to help out a major cold & chill store distributor with the conversion of their existing TYFOXIT system to Ammonia/Cool flow DTX; see the below case study to find out how we did this:

Design issues we were working with:

  • The facility needed continuous refrigeration to maintain the Chill & Loading Dock temperature – no interruptions whatsoever
  • The customer did not want the expense of a new Plant Room
  • The existing control panel room was to be re-used
  • All redundant plant, pipework, and wiring needed to be removed upon completion
  • Remote dial-out/in was required
  • Close liaison with the operation of the facility to allow continuous operation

Design Criteria

  • Independent Chillers each rated at 275KW
  • 35% Coolflow DTX at -8° / -4°
  • Jaeggi Dry Air Coolers
  • New Chill Store Coolers
  • New Loading Dock Coolers
  • Air Transfer Fans to adjoining Chill areas

Our Solution

The images below show our solution to working with the design issues and design criteria:

Phase 1 Images

Phase 2


Existing coolers were installed to the rear wall as shown below:

New coolers were installed to the opposite wall as shown below:

Chill valve stations & control panel shown below:

Transfer fans to old deep chill area as shown:

Existing loading dock as shown below:

New loading dock coolers pictured below:

Loading dock valve stations as shown below:

We are really proud of how this project turned out and our client was a pleasure to work with. If you require a similar project carrying out, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and find out how we could be helping you and your business!