We’re sure you’ve all experienced some minus temperatures and icy mornings over the past few weeks, and sadly, these likely won’t go away for another month or so!

Winter can be a tricky time for equipment, especially if it’s kept outside like external air conditioning units. We brought you a blog before Christmas with some great tips for taking care of your external air con equipment over the winter, so we thought now would be a good time to remind you of these!…

Clean those filters – simple, easy, and doesn’t take up much time! It’s just as important to have clean filters when you aren’t using your air con as it is when you are using it. So before you switch it off for the colder months make sure those filters are clean.

Cover it up – keeping your equipment covered prevents dust, debris, the elements! etc. from being able to get inside, which if it does can potentially cause some issues next year!

Clean the space around your equipment – make sure there is nothing around that could get inside and cause you problems, a quick check and clean of the area around the unit could save you money in the long run.

Clean your equipment – make sure you give your air con a clean before covering it up for the winter; this is an important step in maintenance and a great preventative measure.

Call in the professionals – yep! Make sure you are getting a proper service and maintenance call out for your equipment each year. This not only ensures it is running efficiently, but also can identify any issues before they cause any costly repair bills!

Not looking after equipment properly can lead to break-downs and costly repair bills, so you really should take care of it! Spending a little time looking after it will mean you experience no down-time in your business and you aren’t having to deal with huge repairs!