When you think of cold storage, the default is thinking of food in large refrigerators such as the ones that are used in larger restaurants. You know the type; they have a big heavy door and you can walk into them. These are used to store all types of foods ready for the chefs in the restaurant to use. But were you aware that there are other items that are not food-related that could benefit from cold storage? This blog looks at other items that surprisingly do better when kept cool and often in the dark. Some of them are understandable, whilst some might surprise you.

  1. Medicines.

This is probably the least surprising item on the list, and whilst it’s true that many medicines are needed to be kept cool, some actually won’t work at all if they are left at room temperature. There is a name for the process if they are not stored properly, it’s called denaturisation where the medicine becomes totally inactive. This, of course, makes them useless for humans (in fact many vaccines need to be kept cool for animals as well). Putting them in cold storage helps them last longer and is vital for being cost-effective.

  1. Plants and flowers.

It may be surprising to realise that florists often use cold storage warehouses to store plants and flowers, which helps to prolong their life. Gardeners will tell you that flowers once cut, will quickly start not looking their best, with wilting and if left too long they will die. This is even if they are placed in water. By placing them in cold storage, florists can prolong the shelf life of them for at least a few more days, as the cold slows down the rate the flowers decompose.

  1. Textiles.

This may come as another surprise, but textile companies often use cold storage to help keep the materials in the best condition they can. Materials such as fur, wool and leather are all organic so under certain conditions they can breakdown quite quickly even if they have been treated. Because these materials are organic, they are even prone to rot. Keeping them in a cold storage area, which is dark can help with keeping the material at its best. Even dry cleaners can use cold storage to help keep clothes smelling fresh and in good condition until they are picked up.

  1. Candles.

We all know that candles are made of wax so they can easily melt if they get too hot, and of course, that is what they are supposed to do! Before being lit though, keeping candles in a cold storage warehouse can help keep their integrity. Candles that are too warm can lose their shape (don’t forget they are not just round, there are many different types of all shapes and sizes), and heat can cause problems with their colours. Many candles are now coloured in different areas of them, and if they get too hot these colours can run into each other.

  1. Artwork.

Paintings, especially old works of art really do best in a cold storage area where the temperature can be controlled. Many masterpieces are kept in cold areas as it helps with the paint and colours. Have you ever noticed modern art galleries are quite cool? This is because paint can fade if it gets too hot and in extreme circumstances, it can even start to peel off of the canvas. If the paintings are being displayed for a few days, this is not a problem, it is when they are kept for longer periods that issues can arise.

  1. Cosmetics.

Some cosmetics benefit from being kept in cold storage. Items such as mascara can be kept in much better condition and they will last much longer. One other item of a cosmetic range that does very well in a temperature-controlled environment is lipstick. Think of the makeup of lipstick (no pun intended), it can be soft to start with as it needs to be applied, so keeping it cool whilst in storage is ideal. In fact, some lipstick owners even keep their products in the fridge are home!

  1. Scent.

Here we are talking about one scent, in particular, that is Cologne. If Cologne is kept in a cold storage area it helps keep it in better condition, it will actually keep its scent for a longer time. The reason we are only talking about this perfume is that it doesn’t work the same for others. Most perfumes, in fact, the majority of them needs to be kept at room temperature as cold storage can damage them and they can start to smell completely different. Cologne is probably an older perfume but is still interesting to know that keeping it cold keeps it better!


So, there you have it, 7 items you wouldn’t have thought would do better in cold storage (okay you might have thought of medicines). We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, for more information on cold storage please get in touch with us.