Not many companies can stake claims about service and longevity and live up to them, but thanks to our dedication, wonderful clients, and hard work, we a fortunate enough to be able to live up to that reputation! Here are 7 reasons why…

  1. Time in business.

Being an established company gives potential customers a sense of trust after all not all companies (even large ones) are always successful at being in business a long time. At EJM we started trading back in 1980, which by today’s standards is an achievement we are immensely proud of.

Being in business for a long time not only serves trust, but it means we can build and maintain long working relations with our customers. They get to know who the person will be they need to speak to, and it adds to the overall feeling of satisfaction.

  1. We are customer focused.

We know without our customers and potential clients; we wouldn’t be in business at all. This is why our ethos is putting the customer first and being focused on the customer’s requirements. We always offer the most cost-effective advice, while keeping the safety standards we adhere to, at the forefront.

From the very first telephone call, to project hand-over and after-sales servicing, you, the customer is at the heart of the project. Also, because we are an independent company, we can offer the proper personal approach, and choose equipment that best suits the needs of your project.

  1. Excellent service for industrial refrigeration.

Being in business for as long as we have, you not only get to know industrial refrigeration plant systems inside out, including new developments but learn which installations that are best for the purpose they are required for.

We find out the quirks, the most cost-effective equipment for your industrial refrigeration and pass on the knowledge to you when we discuss your project. We strongly believe in projects being completed with teamwork and collaboration; our satisfied clients are a testimony to this! It helps ensure your installation is completed on time and to the budget.

  1. Commercial refrigeration specialists.

Of course, it, not just the industrial side that benefits from our knowledge and expertise, commercial refrigeration is also a specialism of ours. With customers ranging from science laboratories and hospitals to pharmacies and mortuaries, our engineers are on hand to install commercial refrigeration systems to your needs.

Our team works with you to discuss everything from the optimum refrigerant and draughts to energy saving and life-cycle costs.

The food industry is one of our biggest client bases for commercial refrigeration, with every sector catered for (excuse the pun), so if your business needs advice, we are here to help.

  1. Air conditioning systems experts.

If your office workers complain about the heat in the building, offering them a desk fan may not go down very well, especially if there is a hot spell like last year. A better solution is proper air conditioning and ventilation – something we are experts in installing. It makes sense that refrigeration specialists also can keep your workforce cool with these types of systems.

There are many scenarios where air conditioning and ventilation systems can be used – from offices to rooms containing heat-producing equipment, like computer servers. So, for industrial or commercial installations, we can help.

  1. Exemplary after sales servicing.

Once your refrigeration system is installed, we don’t just leave you to look after it. Our team of engineers can visit and carry out regular servicing and maintenance – ensuring everything continues to run smoothly. The last thing any production site needs is downtime and a lack of refrigeration, so we offer complete peace of mind.

Our service plans keep your plant running the most efficiently they can, our engineers also use specialist service tools and trackers, so you know exactly when we are visiting – and all your equipment will be on our database.

  1. Not location limited.

What we mean by this is that we don’t just work in a specificities area of the UK, but we cover all of it. When we say all, we mean it – one of our clients was based in the Outer Hebrides, so there is nowhere in the UK we cannot visit.

We have solutions for almost every type of location, even those with a lack of space for plant rooms. Discussing your project needs is the first stage of overcoming these hurdles, so don’t fret that there is not an answer to your refrigeration needs!


We hope so and you can see how passionate we are, there is no better time to call us for a quote or to chat about your project. Our friendly team has over 200 years of experience between them, so why not tap into it and give us a call?