You might have seen our recent blog post about maximising efficiency for your air conditioning unit in the warmer weather, but what about your refrigeration equipment? Warm weather and higher temperatures can affect that too. To achieve maximum operating efficiency over the coming months there are some steps you can easily take.

Following these will not only ensure your commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment is operating to its full potential but will also help you avoid potential repair costs.

  • Keep the room temperature where self-contained units are stored as cool as possible, ensuring good ventilation. Systems work by dispelling heat produced into the air surrounding them, if this is too high then the unit will struggle to rid itself of the heat, thus resulting in it also struggling to keep the inside temperature cool.
  • Allow air flow and ensure any workings of the equipment are not covered. Though with built-in fridges and freezers the workings will likely be covered anyway, there will still be a form of ventilation grill in the unit to allow the air to flow freely. It’s also important to make sure this grill is not full of dust!
  • Ensure all seals around doors are sealing properly as poorly fitting seals will result in warm air being drawn inside the unit. The system will therefore need to work harder to regulate its set temperature – this also means higher energy bills and the potential of ice build-ups.

These are just a few steps you can take to help your refrigeration equipment over the summer months. You should also ensure you are booking your equipment in for regular servicing and maintenance with professional experts; this is where we can help! We have built up our reputation in this area of our business by giving prompt and reliable attention to all Service Calls with our team of Service / Maintenance Engineers who, between them, possess over 200 years of experience on a wide range of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment. Our Service Team really does provide exceptional after sales service to all of our installations throughout the UK.